[ANN] Cache::Memcached::Fast 0.07

Tomash Brechko tomash.brechko at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 16:18:18 UTC 2008


We'd like to announce Cache::Memcached::Fast 0.07---fast Perl client
for memcached.

Starting with this release C::M::F has found its home at


Among the new features are:

 * Hooks for custom serialization routines.

 * Proper save/restore of non-ASCII Perl strings (thanks to
   Peter J. Holzer).

 * nowait mode that reduces command latency when you are not
   interested in the server reply (was introduced in 0.06 actually).

 * Multi-update commands that reduce cumulative latency by sending
   several requests in one network packet and talking to all servers

 * Distinct result values for update commands: true for positive
   server reply, false for negative server reply, and undef on
   connection failure.  Such distinction is necessary for proper use
   of CAS command.

See Changes file for more details.

Also, all Perl code was moved to XS which gave an additional speed
improvement.  If you performed any benchmarks before, you may want to
do them again.


   Tomash Brechko

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