Failure with libmemcached

Kevin Dalley kevin at
Fri Jan 25 17:32:02 UTC 2008

I have looked at a series of memcached_set, memcached_get,
memcached_delete, memcached_flush.  I'm getting strange return values,
followed by a client stuck in a poll.

Everything goes quite well for a while.  Then the return codes get
strange, with memcached_set returning NOT_FOUND, memcached_get returning
stored.  Other strange errors, and eventually the client is stuck in a

I assume that the client and server disagree about their position.  Once
they get lost, things get worse over time.

This is on a FreeBSD4.11 box, with a 1.2.4 server, and a new version of
libmemcached, pulled down yesterday.  A few weeks old version also shows
this problem.  What should I do?  Perhaps I should should repeat the
request. Perhaps I should shut down and reopen the connection.  If it
doesn't happen often, I may try this.  Perhaps I should try to
understand the problem more completely.

Here are a few odd returns which I see.

Then things get stranger.  memcached_get returns MEMCACHED_STORED.  In
fact, it returns quite a few of them.

Eventually memcached_set returns a few MEMCACHED_SERVER_END, mingled in

memcached_set returns NOT_FOUND.

memcached_get returns SERVER DELETE

memcached_set returns SERVER_END

memcached_set returns NOT_FOUND

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