memcached server loses set command when followed by quit

Kevin Dalley kevin at
Sun Jan 27 18:34:43 UTC 2008

This looks like a server problem to me.  Does anyone else want to offer
an opinion? I am running libmemcached unit tests, and in non-blocking
tests, this string is sent to the server, 1.2.4, running in "-v -v"

"set foo 0 0 16\r\nwhen we sanitize\r\nquit\r\n"

followed by a new connection with "add foo 0 0 16\r\nwhen we sanitize\r

I expect that the set will succeed, followed by a connection closed,
then an unsuccessful add. Sometimes, this works, but often the set

This is what I see:

<7 new client connection
<7 connection closed.
<7 new client connection
<7 add foo 0 0 16

This is on Linux, a Ubuntu box, 2.6.22, with memcached-1.2.4, which I

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