MemcacheDB 1.1.0 beta is released, new BerkeleyDB 4.7 support

Steve Chu stvchu at
Wed Jul 2 07:18:48 UTC 2008

*MemcacheDB* is a distributed key-value storage system designed for
persistent. It is NOT a cache solution, but a persistent storage
engine for fast and reliable key-value based object storage and
retrieval. It conforms to memcache protocol(not completed, see below),
so any memcached client can have connectivity with it. Memcachedb uses
Berkeley DB as a storing backend, so lots of features including
transaction and replication are supported.

ChangeLog since 1.0.3 version:

2008-07-03 Version 1.1.0-beta released

2008-06-26 Steve Chu <stvchu at>
   * unix socket connectivity now has be well tested.

2008-06-13 Steve Chu <stvchu at>
   * some code refactoring to improve a bit performance

2008-06-11 Steve Chu <stvchu at>
   * now '-b' option is a tuning way, not a limit. item size that smaller than
   '-b' value use fast freelist alloc, otherwise, use system 'malloc' instead.
   Many thanks to Davies Liu <davies.liu at> for patches and ideas.

2008-06-03 Steve Chu <stvchu at>
   * new support to BerkeleyDB 4.7
     - new version is BerkeleyDB 4.7 only, due to the changed bdb api
     - 'rep_set_request' now use time, not the number of messages

   * Bugfix: 'pkget' and "multiple get" that return lots of items may
   cause memory overflow so the daemon crashes. Thanks to Davies Liu
<davies.liu at>

   * flooded verbose messages of bdb and replication now move to '-vv' option

2008-04-13 Steve Chu <stvchu at>
   * Changes:
     - allow limitation to 'pkget' and 'pvget' command,
	 use 'pkget/pvget <prefix> [limit]' to get limited matched items.
	 - '' is also patched for this feature.

2008-04-03 Steve Chu <stvchu at>
   * New features:
     - add '-T' option to set database type, 'btree' or 'hash'
     - add '-E' option to enable second database, so we can use 'pvget'
     - new command 'pkget' that you can get items with a key prefix
     - new command 'pvget' that you can get items with a value prefix
   * Changes:
     - add support to for 'pkget' and 'pvget' command, see

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Steve Chu

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