strange performance differences of 1.2.2 vs 1.2.5

Brian Aker brian at
Mon Jun 2 01:16:14 UTC 2008


On Jun 2, 2008, at 7:56 AM, dormando wrote:

> That's a good guess (Brian? You know about that?:) ... but a bit  
> doubtful.

When I submitted the first patch using clock_gettime() there was a  
push back for this, so I moved back to gettimeofday(). I don't  
remember the argument now, but gettimeofday() is at least better then  
time() (which was what was there first).

One point, the time value is not being properly stored anyway.  
Technically it requires a lock around it (volatile is not enough to  
guarantee synchronous update).

I would argue along with Sean that clock_gettime() would be better,  
but I can not remember any longer what the objections were.


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