assert 'it->next != it' failed

Jan Cermak jan.cermak at
Mon Jun 9 08:24:21 UTC 2008


on 64-bit machines was memcached also unstable, so it is now running on 
32-bit with 8GB RAM.
Startup parameters:
-d -v -m 1024 -c 2048 -u ondra -l -p 2430

And new assert message:
assoc.c:615: assoc_delete: Assertion `*before != 0' failed.


dormando wrote:
> Do you have a 64-bit machine available to test on? What were your
> memcached startup errors?
> We've seen reports of memory corruption on 32-bit hosts that cause
> seemingly random errors like your last two posts. I'm not at all sure of
> what's going on, unless folks are setting their memory limits too high
> for the machine.
> -Dormando

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