win32 version of memcached 1.2.5

Brodie Thiesfield brofield2 at
Sat Jun 14 05:57:42 UTC 2008

Henrik Schröder wrote:
> However, the archives you put up doesn't compile straight out of the 
> box for me, in Visual Studio 2005. Here's what I did and had to do:
> First, I extracted your win32 archives to d:\libevent and d:\memcached 
> respectively.
> I opened up the libevent solution, let the upgrade wizard thingie do 
> what it wanted, and could thereafter compile libevent both as Debug 
> and Release. Perfect.
> I opened up the memcached solution, again let the upgrade wizard do 
> its thing, and tried to compile, which failed. I had to change this:
> memcached.c, line 44: changed from #include "event.h" to #include 
> "../libevent/event.h", just like in the win32 block in memcached.h
> memcached.c, line 1118, changed from #if !defined(WIN32) || 
> !defined(__APPLE__) to #if !defined(WIN32) && !defined(__APPLE__)

Fixed in the current code package and diff on the website.

> After that, it compiled fine in both Debug and Release mode. It looks 
> fine after a quick test, but both VERSION and STATS report that the 
> version of the memcached I just built is 1.2.4?

Fixed in the current code package and diff on the website.

Apologies, I found this problems with the build earlier but didn't get a 
fixed version up. Binary version (built with VC2003) also on the 
website. I'm sure that a version created using the profiled 
optimizations from VC2005/2008 would have better performance. I leave 
this as an exercise for the reader.


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