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dormando dormando at
Thu Jun 19 15:50:04 UTC 2008


Well the perl tests that come with memcached are *official* so far as 
I'm concerned. Historically the tests were perl, we've tried to maintain 
them as perl, and I'm a little confused as to where we are right now.

Since most of the developers on this project hate each others' primary 
languages (but we share C in common), we now have test suites in all 
sorts of crazy languages that live inside/outside of the tree. The 
libmemcached C tests are pretty good, there're java tests that trond 
has, python tests dustin has, and I try to port tests to perl. Tomash 
has been writing perl tests as well.

I'd prefer we keep everything to one language so the deps just to 
buildtest memcached aren't too wild... I was volunteering to port all 
tests to perl (and have been updating the binary tree tests, etc), but 
I've been under a rock for the last few months so this might not be 
plausible anymore.

In my humble; the distro _must_ have a 'make test' that tests memcahced 
to the best of our ability. Tests should be updated, new features should 
have tests, blah blah blah.

Anyone else have thoughts on the matter?

Victor Kirkebo wrote:
> Hi,
> I see a lot of activity and work being done on the code base; bugs being 
> fixed and new features added etc. There is a handful of small tests that 
> come with memcached that is useful for sanity testing of memcached. 
> People are also writing their own tests and doing their own testing 
> before features are added and new versions released; I'm not sure how 
> visible or easily shared this work is. I'd like to know if anybody has 
> any thoughts or wishes on this matter?
> -Victor

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