Crash after "stats" on 1.2.5

Chetan Sarva csarva at
Thu Jun 19 22:29:53 UTC 2008


I wrote a quick little script[1] to aggregate stats on our cluster and  
managed to crash 4 of 11 servers after the first run and another  
server (same cluster) after another couple of runs. We're running  
memcached 1.2.5 compiled on Ubuntu 6.10 / 2.6.17-10-server kernel.

This happened to me once in my dev environment running 1.2.5 on Ubuntu  
8.04 / 2.6.24-16-generic kernel but I've been unable to reproduce the  
problem since. I ran about 50k connections at it without "luck." I  
thought it may be related to memory issues so I tried filling the  
cache at various levels and still could not crash it.

Anyone else seen this happen?


[1] script in question is a small perl script using Cache::Memcached  
and simply connects, calls stats() and then disconnect_all()

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