memcached QA

Roy Lyseng Roy.Lyseng at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 20 07:21:25 UTC 2008

Brian Aker wrote:
> Hi!
> On Jun 19, 2008, at 12:58 PM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> But if we want to include libmemcache with memcached (at least for 
>> testing), we could just as well write the tests in C too.  *shrug*
> I would be fine with that. I've got dozens of tests and once the binary 
> bits are complete we can flip/flop the protocols and see that they are 
> returning the same results.
There should of course be a test suite for each client implementation.

However, to test the performance and lure out performance-related bugs, 
it is really important that you use a lightweight client, and 
libmemcached may easily be the best candidate there :)


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