memcached QA

dormando dormando at
Sat Jun 21 06:20:27 UTC 2008

Dustin Sallings wrote:
> On Jun 19, 2008, at 16:45, Brian Aker wrote:
>> Are you using build bot as well?
> I'm a pretty heavy user and casual contributor (I've fixed bugs in their
> p4, hg, and git support among a few other things), but I'm not using it
> for anything memcached at the moment.
> I think it'd be great if we had a couple masters (stable and dev at
> least) and let people add slaves to it.  It's pretty easy to put such a
> thing together.  Dormando's got something, but I'm not completely sure I
> know what the vision is for his.

The vision is whatever people want. Have box, will travel. I like the
idea of having it poll external test suites and aggregate the results...
Need a custom build whatever per slave, but that's not too bad.

So I guess I'll extend the same offer as Brian; if someone wants to help
set it up we can do whatever we want with the buildbot I have.


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