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Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Jun 23 14:16:43 UTC 2008

Benjamin Fonze wrote:
> Well, I'm using the cache very intensively. Doing about 1,000+
> requests/second. Memcached seem to be running fine most of the time, but
> sometimes it just let the request hang and timeout after 1 second. With
> so many queries/second, when it hangs, it quickly makes a lot of Apache
> "waiting" and eventually completely overload the web servers.

Are you running memcached threaded?  If not you should.  If you are, you 
need more threads maybe?

> I'm now trying with one big cache on a single server, and it seems to
> run better. The Memcached server is not loaded at all. Still sometimes
> the request take 500ms or even do some timeouts.

That makes less sense.  Unless you just had flaky hardware.

> Is 1,000+ hits per second a lot for Memcached or is it still a normal usage?

Yes, that is quite normal.


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