Announcing MemProxy

Brian Moon brianm at
Tue Jun 24 07:30:23 UTC 2008

I have spoken at conferences about our architecture and mentioned our 
caching proxy.  I have wanted to open source it for a long time.  I 
finally got the time.

MemProxy is a simple (but very powerful) PHP script that proxies web 
requests and stores the contents in memcached. By being a full proxy, it 
allows the proxy servers to avoid heavy application level code. This 
makes it very fast and efficient. It also allows for a very simple set 
up on dedicated proxy servers.

Keep in mind that up until now, it has only been used by 
So, YMMV.  I am sure there is something it could do better.  I am open 
to any and all recommendations.  (Using {insert product here} instead is 
not what I mean. =)

Also, you can read the short FAQ for other possible obvious questions.

There is a Google Group for it

I hope someone finds this useful.


Brian Moon
Senior Developer/Engineer
When you care enough to spend the very least.

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