Portability of server and clients

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Thu Jun 26 15:51:33 UTC 2008

If you're having trouble building a specific client on a specific 
platform, you can contact the authors, mail the list, or try on irc at 
freenode. Even if a platform isn't supported yet, it's usually helpful 
for client authors to hear what platforms people are trying to use, so 
they may add support later.


> That may be true for Java and I cant comment on C# or Ruby.
> However the pure perl based client is not very fast. I have been trying to
> compile one of the C based perl modules without much success. The PHP
> module is also written in C and so may not work perfectly on all
> platforms.
> As I am not an expert in memcached it is very difficult to see the cause
> of a C compiled client misbehaving. The problem might be
> a) me not understanding
> b) me not building the client correctly
> c) a bug in the client
> d) a bug in the server
> A simple list saying "I have gotten this working on platform XYZ" would
> help eliminate some of these options.

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