Memcached list moving to google groups

dormando dormando at
Sat Jun 28 21:26:06 UTC 2008


You might've noticed that sucks sometimes. It might
mailbomb you, it might not notify you of your own mail, or it might send
you an error and post your message eight times. Also digests don't
really work. I'm tired of babysitting mailman.

We've had plans for a few months now to start moving all of the mailing lists over to google groups. Since this list is
the one most likely to have problems with it, here's your head's up.

My plan is to take the entire subscription list from each of the danga
mailing lists, one at a time, and basically copy/paste them into the
google groups subscription form. Then I will lock down the old list so
no new posts can go to it, and update some pages about where to get the
new information.

I'd love to do this in the next day. So if you have issues/alternatives,
please speak up now!

Also! Thanks to everyone who's made this list awesome, and helped change
it from a black hole into a well respected OSS community. I've heard
nothing but praise for the folks on this list, so lets take the show to
google groups and stop the list itself from sucking too :)


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