Protocol questions

Roy Lyseng Roy.Lyseng at Sun.COM
Sat Mar 1 23:21:58 UTC 2008

Aaron Stone wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-03-01 at 12:01 -0800, Dustin Sallings wrote:
>> On Mar 1, 2008, at 11:49, Aaron Stone wrote:

> Let's start identifying the blockers and the nice-to-haves. If we thing
> we're going to have problems with different protocol rules between
> binary and text such that cohabiting on the same port causes brain
> damage and hackery to spread between the two, it is a killer. We have to
> block on figuring out what goes on the same port and what doesn't.
> [ And while I +1'd the email yesterday about how we should be able to
> handle binary and text commands on the same port, today's discussion
> makes me realize that it's a very bad idea. We should be able to do both
> TCP and UDP on the same ports as their respective text/binary, though? ]

Why do you think it is a bad idea?

If the ports are separate, you need different connections to talk text 
and binary. If the port is the same, auto-discovery may still enforce 
you to use different connections.


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