spymemcached, ketama, and adding new servers

Richard Jones rj at last.fm
Thu Mar 6 18:37:09 UTC 2008

I updated "make test" for libketama yesterday to add a downed server test that 
was posted to this list a couple of months back:

$ wc -l ../ketama.servers
10 ../ketama.servers
$ ./downed_server_test.sh
Downed server test, setting up..
  Running on original set of servers to get baseline
  Running on original set of servers minus one
  Analyzing results...WARNING 106615 items disturbed (10%)
  Running on original set of servers plus one
  Analyzing results...WARNING 40536 items disturbed (4%)
Finished downed server test.

Seems like a sane amount of changes.
ketama_test runs with 1,000,000 keys - do you see better results if you use 
more keys?


PS, latest ketama stuff is here: svn://svn.audioscrobbler.net/misc/ketama 
altho there haven't been many changes of late.

On Thursday 06 March 2008 17:25:56 Dave Peckham wrote:
> Hi,
> I wrote a simple junit test to challenge my assumptions about spy
> memcached's behavior in the "add new servers" use case. Here's what I
> found.
> 1) fire up 10 server instances
> 2) create a spy memcached client using ketama hash:
>     ConnectionFactory connFactory = new DefaultConnectionFactory(
>         DefaultConnectionFactory.DEFAULT_OP_QUEUE_LEN,
>         DefaultConnectionFactory.DEFAULT_READ_BUFFER_SIZE,
>         HashAlgorithm.KETAMA_HASH);
>     client = new MemcachedClient(connFactory, addresses);
> 3) write 100 never-expiring objects to the client. (quick check of
> cur_items on each server showed very even distribution)
> 4) fire up an 11th server instance
> 5) destroy old client and create another one, with the new server
> address added to the previous address list
> 6) try to fetch the 100 objects and count the hits
> The result is that I only got 14 hits against the 100 entries. This
> doesn't seem like a practical improvement over mod-N hashing, so I
> hope I am doing something wrong or completely misunderstanding the
> concept of consistent hashing.
> Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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