Rule of Thumb for Django

Jehiah Czebotar jehiah at
Fri Mar 14 18:55:49 UTC 2008

Robin, it's impossible to nail a specific memory size as a guideline
but the following should help

a) start small (~64 or 100 megs) and watch your statistics.
Many people achieve high hit ratios even with small(er) amounts of
memory. I get ~80% hit ratio with a small size (100Mb), and ~90% with
a much larger size(1gig). It' up to you to decide how much gain you

b) don't ever allocate enough memory that your system starts swapping. ever.


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 11:19 AM, robin manapsal <rmanapsal at> wrote:
>  Hello,
> I just completed installing and configuring Memcached for Django. Is there a
> rule of thumb or are there any guidelines/guidance for setting up memcached
> for Django?  For instance - metrics, etc. If I have a server with 1 GB RAM,
> what is the appropriate size before the server max out of memory or caches
> out? I read the Definitive guide for Django, but I would like find if there
> are live examples I can compare with. I understand network bandwidth and
> database size may have bearing on the configuration.
> V/R,
> Robin

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