java MemcachedClient.mutate method never returns

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Wed Mar 19 04:15:52 UTC 2008

On Mar 18, 2008, at 17:20, Ray Krueger wrote:

> In testing the MemcachedClient.incr and decr functions I came across
> two problems.
> 1) The internal mutate method uses latch.await() with no default
> timeout, and no way to set a timeout.

	This seems like a general problem described here:

	There's a certain point in time after which there's no point in  
waiting any longer.  I imagine a reasonable default is somewhere  
around a second, but I imagine I could choose two people at random who  
didn't think it was reasonable and they wouldn't be able to decide  
whether it's too large or too small.

> 2) Using incr never recovers from the instance it was using going  
> down.

	I filed this as a separate bug:

	Definitely should fail properly, but this is a weakness in my test  

Dustin Sallings

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