RES: Is the add command atomic ?

Brian Aker brian at
Wed Mar 26 19:51:40 UTC 2008


On Mar 26, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Fausto Richetti Blanco wrote:
> I understand what you said about "the small chance it could get  
> ejected". Is there a way to configure memcached to never discard  
> data ? What do you mean by "depending on other factors" ? If the  
> memory available to memcached is guaranteed to have enough space to  
> store all my locks and I do not set expiration on any keys, can  
> memcached still discard some locks ?

Avoid SET operations, and use just add and replace (and if you want to  
get really paranoid CAS).

What is missing right now is a DELETE BY CAS and atomic set/add/ 
replace that return a CAS identifier.


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