[Announce] Enyim Memcached

a. a at enyim.com
Sat May 3 20:28:09 UTC 2008


today I've released the latest version of my C# Memcached
client. Most of the features were available from source for a
while but now you can have a nice compiled and packaged binary :)

Get it from here:

http://href.hu/x/5jtx [codeplex.com]

Full feature/change list can be read on the above url, but in
a nutshell:

- non-blocking socket pool (speed up your webapps)
- pluggable
   - configuration
   - object transcoders (define your own serialization, needed
     by cross-platform developers)
   - key transformers (the library does not forcibly hashes your
     keys using MD5, but you can choose from the defaults or make
     your own)
   - memcached node locators (implement your own consistent hashing


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