memcached timeouts

Evert | Rooftop evert at
Mon May 5 19:05:26 UTC 2008

Hi List,

I'm getting timeouts trying to connect to memcached. The odd thing is  
that the timeouts only occur from 1 single webserver, to 1 single  
memcached box:

Memcache::get() [<a href='function.Memcache-get'>function.Memcache- 
get</a>]: Server www5 (tcp 11211) failed with: Connection timed out  

Other boxes connecting to that memcached instance work fine, and that  
webserver connecting to other memcached instances also have no issues.

This might well be a problem somewhere completely else, but I was  
hoping someone on this list can advice on how to track down the exact  
problem. What is a good starting point?


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