Feedback on Tag Support

Joseph Engo dev.toaster at
Fri May 9 17:30:52 UTC 2008

This looks like a very interesting feature.  Key organization is a  
real struggle sometimes and this would greatly help my applications.   
If this is production ready, I will be using it very quickly :)

On May 9, 2008, at 9:52 AM, John Kramlich wrote:

> Is anyone using the variant of memcached v 1.2.4 that supports  
> tagging found at the following URL 
>  ?  I am in the planning stages of major feature additions to my web  
> application and would really like to use this version.  I'm looking  
> for feedback from others who have used it.  Is it stable enough for  
> production use?  Any issues?
> - John
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