PHP client and unserialization Issues (patch)

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Tue May 13 16:51:44 UTC 2008

Have you tried to contact with Antony Dovgal regarding this?
Imho its worth to add this patch to the mainline / at least get his opinion 
on this issue.


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Subject: PHP client and unserialization Issues (patch)

We've been seeing some occasional issues with the PECL client (we use
version 2.2.3 currently) where keys mysteriously have the serialized
flag set without actually containing serialized data. We haven't been
able to find the exact cause of this, but I've made some changes to the
client to be more liberal in what it accepts.

Current behaviour is that the client will mark a server as dead if it's
unable to unserialize or uncompress data which is flagged as
serialized/compressed. Assuming that the protocol implementation is
solid (which it seems to be), this is a bit harsh, because it kills the
server for the remainder of the request.

So, attached is a trivial patch against 2.2.3 which changes the client
to emit a notice and return false instead of marking the server as dead
when unserialization/uncompression fails.

Russ Garrett Ltd.
russ at

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