garbage collector

dormando dormando at
Sat May 24 20:18:38 UTC 2008

> Thanks for the explanation. Where can I see in the stats that it throws
> out expired items?

Stats? stats items?

> In my previous mail, I wrote about a part of the code where it reuses
> memory.
> After I browsed through the whole code, I did not find any other part. 
> Is there another part?
> Please let me know.

The whole slabber re-uses memory.

> The problem was not that I expected it to release memory to the
> operating system.
> The problem was that it did not accept any more new items, because it
> was full of expired items.

What are the exact errors you get from memcached? What you're describing
is something that absolutely does not happen normally.

There's also an open bug where you'll get OOM errors under very specific
conditions - 1.2.5 has stats in 'stats items' which allows you to detect
if you're hitting this bug.

Are you running memcached with -M or anything? By default memcached will
always expire items from the cache, and you absolutely do not need a
garbage collector.


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