Using mogile in lj clone

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Thu Nov 18 20:09:50 PST 2004

Thank you that's I knew I saw the classes somewhere

But now I'm getting a different error

Running task 'gen_image_captchas':

-I- Generating new image captchas...
Current count is 989 of 1000...generating 11 new image challenges.
ERROR> task gen_image_captchas died: Unable to save captcha to MogileFS
server: HTTP response 404 from upload

Generating image 0...generating new capid/anum...uploading (capid = 4159,
anum = 53529)...

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That's in  %MOGILEFS_CONFIG.  Take a look at it.  You can
copy it to your and add the hosts key

$LJ::MOGILEFS_CONFIG{hosts} = [ '10.0.0.n:7001' ];

Or something like that.  Anyway, then when you run with the
-p option it will create your classes if necessary.

Lemme know if you run into any problems!

On Thu, Nov 18, 2004, About My Life wrote:
> I'm interested in using the mogilefs on my site. I wanted to try one
> daemon and get it running before I throw a bunch more in the loop.
> I created the database, and got the daemons installed. I remember going
> through the code and finding something that pointed to the domains and
> classes of each type. Like captchas and userpics.
> I have no idea where it is now. I suppose I can search through the file,
> I saw your post about mogile, and how you wanted to know if anyone else
> wanted to get into it. Well here I am :-)
> Thanks in advanced.
> Andrew

Mark Smith
junior at

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