PHP Client

Timo Ewalds timo at
Sat Oct 9 02:17:31 PDT 2004


I code and run . I've got 7 servers right now, and need 
a better way to keep track of all the uploaded pictures (almost a 
million of them now). This looks to be a very cool program that would 
serve the purpose perfectly, but I can't seem to find any way to use it 
from php. Is there a php API for it yet?

I read your oscon pdf that was posted on slashdot, and found it to be 
very informative and helpful. I am slowly getting to use memcached, and 
am a bit curious as to how perlbal works. Right now I'm just using dns 
forwarding, but would prefer to use LVS, a reverse proxy (plb looks 
good), or something else that allows all servers to respond to one 
hostname. What does perlbal do differently than those two?


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