new file hanging?

Brandon Ooi brandon at
Tue Aug 23 21:37:13 PDT 2005


We are trying out MogileFS as a solution to our storage problem. I've 
set up the database, tracker and a couple storage nodes just for 
testing. (all which seem to be working).

I'm trying to create a new file in mogilefs but it seems to just hang. 
The code to create a new file was taken near verbatim from the However, "printing" to a mogilefs file 
handle seems to hang

Here's what I see in the mogilefsd debugging.

[replicate(17356)] Checking replication for dmid=1, classid=0, min=2
[replicate(17356)]   found 0 for dmid=1/classid=0/min=2
Listen child making a Client for 22.
Client is Client=ARRAY(0x9adcb68)
[replicate(17353)] Checking replication for dmid=1, classid=1, min=2

You can see that the request was received. Here's the client code I am 

print "saving $file...";
my $fh = $mogfs->new_file($file, "normal") or die("cannot create file 
print "printed...";
$fh->close() or die("cannot save $file.");
print "done.\n";

The output I get from the client is merely,

saving data/file1...

and then the client code seems to hang at $fh->print($contents) 
indefinitely. Has anybody seen this problem or know what could be 
causing it?



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