anybody used php->perl interface with mogilefs?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sat Jul 2 00:54:15 PDT 2005

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Bryn Forbes wrote:

> I work for a company that develops image database software, and we've
> been considering implementing something very similar to mogilefs, and
> then I stumbled upon mogilefs and given our desire not to reinvent the
> wheel we're strongly considering using mogilefs. I'm wondering if
> anybody can point out any gotchas as far as using the php->perl
> interface (as described at
> we want to be able to
> have a php web interface which does authentication read and write the
> files.

The app <-> tracker protocol is damn simple.  You can implement just that
part in PHP (I think somebody's already done it?) and keep the rest in
Perl.  (the file replication, etc)

> Does the db schema for the file replication allow for specifying which
> disks are on which machines so as to make sure copies are on different
> machines?


> Can it be extended to support multiple geographic locations
> (require one copy in each location)?

It doesn't do it now, but it wouldn't be that hard at all.

- Brad

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