MySQL question

Douglas J. Kersten dougjk at
Thu Jul 14 18:35:25 PDT 2005

What fields in the mogile MySQL database need to have data for a new install
of Mogilefs?


I have set the following:


Table class:


Dmid, classid, classname, mindevcount


1, 0, userpdg, 2


Table device:


Devid, hostid, status


1, 1, alive


Table Domain:


Dmid, namespace


1,         pdg


Table Host


Host, status, http_port, http_get_port, hostname, hostip, altip, altmask,


1     , alive   , 7500     , 7501,localhost,,,, /var/mogdata 


Is this correct?


Am I missing anything?


Thanks for your help.


Doug Kersten


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