Getting started, Bad file descriptor

j.ignacio.leon at j.ignacio.leon at
Tue Jul 26 21:31:03 PDT 2005

I am curious as to how you are trying to write this file to the
mogilefs. Are you using your own Perl code, or perhaps mogtool? Do you
get the same error with a small file vs a large one?

Do you get the same error if you try to use curl to write to the
mogstored node directly (as Justin suggested I try in an earlier
thread this month)?

Just curious about your progress with FC3, as I gave up trying to get
it to work on Xeons running a RedHat Enterprise 4 clone (CentOS). I
currently set up the storage nodes to use regular i386 on Debian due
to all the trouble I had with *earlier* Linux::AIO and epoll() related
problems. These seem to not be an issue with the newer IO::AIO module
by Mr. Lehmann.  I hope to try again with the new io options and
RedHat derivatives.

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