New user, a couple of questions

Edward Abrams zeroaltitude at
Thu Sep 1 10:49:50 PDT 2005


I'm new to MogileFS and new to this list. I have a couple of questions. 
Hopefully someone can provide answers, or, reference a place where I can 
find the answers.

1. License. Some of the items in your distribution refer to the license that 
perl is under, or the GPL or other relatively open licenses. Other items, 
specifically the files in mogilefs-server and Perlbal-XS, lack a license or 
remark that the license is 'undecided.' As a potential deployer of this 
software, I wonder if you could clarify the license situation.

2. Mogstored. In some preliminary tests, I seemed to notice that with 
multiple trackers running, I could bring individual trackers down without 
interrupting my correctly configured clients. That was good. However, I also 
seemed to notice that by killing certain mogstored's, I was able to cause 
errors with getting and writing files, even though mogstored's were up for 
which the file was present, or a writeable device was available. I could 
correct the situation by marking the mogstored host in question as 'down' or 
'dead' in the database, but of course that is a manual procedure. Is there 
any automatic way to recover from mogstored failures, or must it be manual 
or automated in a way I devise? Or, do I have something misconfigured? I 
hope I am right in regarding it as a Bad Thing if various mogileFS reads and 
writes would fail due to one out of many mogstored's being dead.

Thank you in advance,

zeroaltitude at
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