mogilefs and geographic redundancy

Eric Lambrecht eml at
Mon Apr 24 20:01:40 UTC 2006

Jeff Lewis wrote:
> Here is 1 possible idea that I had:  Right now, a class knows how many
> instances of a given file should be kept around and mogilefs know which
> servers it has available for use.  What if a class could know about
> blocks of servers to use.  Each block could then have a replication
> count for that class.  That way at the main data center, say I want 4
> copies of a particular class of file, but at the secondary data center,
> maybe 2 copies would be sufficient.
> Any ideas or obvious solutions that I am missing?  Thanks,

nope. It's a great idea and something that many people (including us) 
want as well. If we had the resources, we'd have built it by now.


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