The 0/000/000 directory problem (Was: install problems)

Andreas J. Koenig andreas.koenig.gmwojprw at
Tue Apr 25 05:06:38 UTC 2006

>>>>> On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 16:01:52 +0000 (UTC), Brad Fitzpatrick <brad at> said:

  > The 0/000/000 directory problem is THE most common problem.
  > Make sure that if you have Linux::AIO or IO::AIO installed, that they're
  > the most recent versions.  If one is new and the other is old, Mogile
  > might choose the old one.

  > To be safe, uninstall both, and only install one of them after "make test"
  > on it succeeds.

And if both IO::AIO and Linux::AIO are installed successfully and the
bug reappears?

I'm not sure if somebody destroyed one of my 4 partitions or if it was
not generated at all, I'll have to start over with initializing my
mogilefs installation now and will watch more carefully what's going
on (with 'mogadm check' after all steps I try). Currently my dev3 is
empty and I do not know why.

What would you suggest as a workaround for the 0/000/000 bug? Some SQL
for the database? Some mogadm command? Some other commands at the
shell level?

Thanks for any insights,

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