mogilefs usage and performance

Anatoli Stoyanovski anatolia at
Fri Aug 11 15:04:24 UTC 2006

> perlbal->php->memcached, then back up to perlbal->mogstored.
> If the path is not in memcached (or has expired), then it does what you
> describe:
> perlbal->php->tracker (then storing to memcached), hopping up to
> perlbal->mogstored for the rest.
> I'd suggest a test where you cache paths locally in mod_perl, then try
> again with memcached if possible.
> So it'd be perlbal->mod_perl->perlbal->mogstored, which is still going
> to be slow but should be much faster.

If configured with 'memcached before get_paths':

perlbal->mod_perl->memcached->perlbal->mogstored: 250req/sec

mod_perl->memcached (no real file contents, just get x-reproxy): 1500
req/sec (memcached works fast, not an invention)

I dont want to store actual file contents in memcached, so didn't test it.
So, (1500req/sec of mod_perl/memcached + 1170 req/sec mogstored) via
perlbal = 250req/sec overall performance for 10kb file downloading in
10 concurrent connections.

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