cvs/svn question

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Aug 23 23:58:25 UTC 2006

Yes, it uses the same tables.  It may complain about wrong schema version,
but that's just because we added a table.  The new replicator uses both
the new table (file_to_replicate) and the old way, looking at all classes
in the file table and their devcount.

So it's safe to switch back and forth.

We're working in this branch:

Which has a startup flag --no_schema_check to let you start up with an old
schema version.  You'll just have to create the file_to_replicate table by
hand without using the mogdbinit tool, otherwise mogdbinit will bounce
your server schema version to 6, and the old mogilefs won't start up
(since it's expecting 5)

A new release is coming soon, as we're switching to the new branch above
tomorrow morning on LiveJournal.

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, mischa.z wrote:

> I would like to play around with the current svn version and was
> wondering if the db tables are different from the cvs version.
> thanks,
> Michael

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