MogileFS 2.0 and beyond --- user/developer summit

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Aug 31 22:29:23 UTC 2006


There's been talk of another Bay Area MogileFS user/developer summit.  (I
say /another/ because there was once one with three of us...)  So, I'm
trying to formalize it.

So far, attendees and their schedules that don't work:

   Brad Fitzpatrick -- not free Sep 12th
   Mark Smith       -- not free Sep 4th - Sep 8th
   Alan Kasindorf   -- not free Sep 8th - Sep 17th

What about Tuesday, Sep 20th?

GUBA crew --- what's your guys' schedules?

Proposed topics for summit:

   -- overview of new stuff in MogileFS 2.0

   -- remaining steps to make MogileFS mountable (if work isn't done by
      time of summit)

   -- feature requests

   -- planning for some community-editted MogileFS docs (logistics)

   -- .... whatever

Who's down?

- Brad

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