mogadm host delete not so good?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Dec 26 00:25:36 UTC 2006

Good bug report, thanks.

Some history:  It's a "feature" that you can't "delete" a device, because
I wanted to make sure nobody ever bit themselves by re-using a device id.
However, you should be able to delete a host.  That's a bug.  And then
what I should probably do is make it possible to delete a device if it's
totally empty, otherwise keep a stub record around for it while it gets
emptied elsewhere.

I'll keep this email around until I fix this.

On Thu, 21 Dec 2006, Brett G. Durrett wrote:

> Using 2_02
> We have some old mogile storage nodes that I wanted to take out of the
> cluster and out of the mogile to reduce clutter in the output of
> mogadm.  About two weeks ago I marked all devices on the host as 'dead'
> and based on the database activity, it looks like their files got
> replicated elsewhere.  The machine has been idle for pretty much a week
> so I decided it would be okay to purge it from mogile.
> I did this:
> # mogadm host delete OLDHOST
> And pretty quickly nothing worked.  Looking at the daemon log, it
> appears the tracker does not like having a host go MIA so it dies.
> Dec 21 14:40:41 AF001079 mogilefsd[5728]: crash log: No host for dev 6
> (host 4) at /usr/bin/mogilefsd line 329.
> Dec 21 14:40:41 AF001079 mogilefsd[5728]: ending run
> Dec 21 14:40:43 AF001079 mogilefsd[9415]: Child 5728 (monitor) died: 0
> I recovered by going into the database and manually re-adding the row
> for the host (setting its status to 'dead').  This appears to have
> addressed the big failure.
> My question: is there any way to remove a device from mogile and if so,
> what is the correct procedure?
> Thanks,
> B-

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