Point of failure

Yuri Subach subach at whirix.com
Mon Feb 20 11:08:32 UTC 2006


We are running MogileFS on 3 machines (2 storage nodes, 1 tracker). It 
works great.
The single point of failure here is tracker machine, it run mogilefsd 
and MySql. We would like to put 2-nd server for tracker to make our 
setup totally reliable. I know you suggested to use MySQL cluster, but I 
have few concerns:
* MySQL cluster requires 3 servers, but we have only 2 machines for tracker
* Mogilefsd need to run on cluster too
* We need something to make load balancing (DNS, load balancing hardware?)

You guys experts in such things, just show me the path to adequate solution.
Thanks for your help!

Yuri Subach  subach at whirix.com
Director of Whirix Ltd.  http://www.whirix.com

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