MogileFS Installation Instructions.

Douglas J. Kersten dougjk at
Tue Feb 28 02:55:03 UTC 2006

I am registered on this list under info at but that server has 
been blasted by junk mail and is being cleaned up.

I have been working on installing MogileFS for three weeks now.  I have 
a project I want to use it for and have fallen in love with the idea but 
I just can't get it to work right.  I am willing to pay $125 to anyone 
who can give me complete installation instructions from compiling the 
source and installing Mogile to using the client to validate proper 
functionality.  I would also like instructions on using mogadm and 
mogtools included.  I am currently using Debian Sarge with nothing else 
running on it except an SSH server.

Although I have read the site, dug into the mailing list and looked into 
the code I find I am spending way to much time trying to get it to work 
and I know I must be missing simple things.

If the instructions work then the $$ are yours!


Doug Kersten
info at

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