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Wed Jan 4 00:47:46 UTC 2006

Hello and happy new year;

We plan to use MogileFS for an online storage service. In fact, we look
since several month a solution to scale our storage server, and I think it's
time to make the right decision ;-)

Today :
Docs are stored on a 1U server with Raid 5 and 600 Go.
300 Go - 4,5 millions of files. (99% are pictures, 1% are doc, pdf, small
audio files..)
During peak hours, we have 280 requests / sec on this server.
On a basic day we serve 8,5 millions of requests.

-> This server is really a bottleneck, and we see it really near its limits.

Ideally, we'd like to perform at least 600 requests / sec with our future
MogileFS installation.

We plan to use this configuration :

- 2 storage Node : 2 x 2U with for each 6 HD ( 2x 80 Go for Debian in raid
1, and 4x 400 Go for storage with no raid)

- 2 trackers : 2 x 1U (with Perl client on it too)

- 1 mySQL : 1 x 1U with 3 Go of RAM

So my questions :

1. Do you think this configuration is sufficient to handle this trafic. I'd
like to have your experience and maybe some recommendations.

2. I think MySQL can become the new bottleneck, do you have some tips based
on your experience with MogileFS for the hardware configuration of this

3. Does PerlBal can cache documents (like Squid for example), or is it a
good practice to imagine to cache documents on the tracker ?

Thanks for your answers.

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