File duplication question

Justin Azoff JAzoff at
Mon Jan 9 18:43:51 UTC 2006

max goldberg wrote:
> Hello all,
[ snip :-) ]
> Currently I use an MD5 hash for the file name and a database back end to 
> try and keep track of all the files. One of the really nice things about 
> this system is that on my site file assets are duplicated a lot. Some 
> assets are duplicated up to a thousand times. Using the MD5 setup, I can 
> create `symbolic links` of sorts in the database to keep from having to 
> duplicate on file space (and in turn cause more I/O to my web server).
> Is this sort of thing possible with Mogile? I haven't been able to find 
> much documentation on the structure of the DB, so I can't tell if this 
> is a standard operation or more of a "hack".
> Can anyone provide any insight?

I'd say that it isn't possible using only mogilefs, but you should still 
be able to use it..  You could keep your existing database of filename 
-> md5sums and then add files to mogilefs with the md5sum as the key. 
This way mogilefs only knows about the unique files, and your other 
database takes care of the filename mappings.

If you use memcached to cache the file -> md5sum and md5sum -> mogstored 
path mappings your app should run nice and fast.

- Justin

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