Eric Chang scrazy77 at
Thu Jan 12 02:10:16 UTC 2006

What cpu do you use ?
And compare with ?
I'm redesigning my mogstored node.
Like petabox, using VIA EPIA 1g + 4 250g IDE HDD + 1g ram + 1u rackmount

I'm using dual k8 with 4 SATA HDD now, and I think that's overkill...

My new mogstored will cost below usd$1,000/node.
I'll build 4 box first for testing.
So, there'll be 16 spindles , 4U ,but low power comsume.

2006/1/12, Eric Lambrecht <eml at>:
> Is anybody actually using the petaboxes with
> mogile? The price looks good, but we've found that CPU speed seems to
> make a big performance difference..
> Eric..
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