How to init the tracker?

Jeff Peng peng at
Sat Jul 22 18:39:11 UTC 2006


I'm sorry I ask this newbie question.When I installed and run the 
'mogilefsd' and 'mogilefsd',they seem run normally (before this I have setup 
database and create config files for these daemons).But how to initialize 
the trackers?I installed the mogadm tool,but when I execute it I got:

mogadm --trackers= device add
Can't locate object method "create_device" via package "MogileFS::Admin" at 
/usr/bin/mogadm line 432.

Could you kindly help me?Thank you.
(btw: I search the but can't find the method of 
'create_device'.If I don't use mogadm,could anyone tell me how to add/del 
devices or hosts to trackers by hand?)

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