Large file problem/Split file

komtanoo.pinpimai at komtanoo.pinpimai at
Wed Jul 26 23:37:50 UTC 2006


I got "out of memory!" for inserting hundreds megabyte of files into
Mogilefs, so I googled for a while and found the issue had been discussed,

There are many files in my system that's between 50M-700M, so I'm thinking
about splitting each of them by the maximum of 5M, to avoid
injecting/replicating problems. My system has Perlbal in the front end,
mod_perl server at the back for getting_path of files and reproxying to
mogstored via Perlbal. My question is, if I split those files into many
parts, do I have to write a special webserver to assemble those files
before sending it to Perlbal, so Perlbal has to reproxy to my special
webserver that also does the assembly instead of redirecting to mogstored
as small files ? Or does mogstored supports assemblying files.

Sounds confusing ?... How do you solve this problem ?


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