some hacks from svn version

Delfim Machado dbcm at
Fri Jul 28 09:57:59 UTC 2006

Hi all,
i'm testing mogilefs with big files.

After the installation, i did this changes to avoid the "Out of  
memory" and others.

- IN MogileFS/Worker/ added error in qw, with debug mode,  
run mogilefsd --debug and you will see lots of errors about the  
function error
use MogileFS::Util qw(every error);

- IN MogileFS/Worker/ changed the line to this one. It's  
ugly too but works OK
         $hid = ($dbh->selectrow_array('SELECT MAX(hostid) FROM  
host') || 0) + 1;

I'm trying to solve this issues:
crash log: Can't call method "selectall_arrayref" on an undefined  
value at /usr/bin/mogilefsd line 643.
         my $domains = $dbh->selectall_arrayref('SELECT dmid,  
namespace FROM domain');

Child 13513 (queryworker) died: 0 (UNEXPECTED)
Job queryworker has only 99, wants 100, making 1.

crash log: send: Cannot determine peer address at /usr/local/share/ 
perl/5.8.8/MogileFS/Worker/ line 353

[replicate(17136)] Error: wrote 131072; expected to write 1048576;  
failed putting to /dev1/0/000/003/0000003656.fid

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