code restructure; svn a little unstable

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Jun 7 00:12:59 UTC 2006


WARNING:  don't use subversion version of MogileFS for production right

I've been refactoring the mogilefsd server code a ton over the past few

Whereas we used to have one 3,500 line server file, it's now broken into
separate files:

   850   3393  27481 mogilefsd
  1094   4185  36398 lib/MogileFS/Worker/
   408   1761  15224 lib/MogileFS/Worker/
   128    440   4263 lib/MogileFS/Worker/
    99    316   2691 lib/MogileFS/Worker/
   137    519   4810 lib/MogileFS/Worker/
    98    288   2445 lib/MogileFS/
    52    158   1172 lib/MogileFS/Connection/
    84    242   2039 lib/MogileFS/Connection/
   703   3193  24557 lib/MogileFS/
   144    504   5293 lib/MogileFS/
    13     34    242 lib/MogileFS/
   112    378   2706 lib/MogileFS/
    59    245   1898 lib/MogileFS/ReplicationPolicy/
  3981  15656 131219 total

Notice that last file?  Yes, replication policy is now abstracted out, so
people can do bizarre policies that fit their site-local biz rules/etc,
without dirtying the core.  There's no way to configure that yet, but
it'll be a 'mogadm' command on a class, and you'll be able to set
arbitrary key/value metadata on a class too, so for;


You could set the 'continent' and 'country' or whatever keys on the
classes, as needed by the replication policy you're using.

Also improved in the new version is speed (deleting/replication is
faster with less pointless sleeping when there's stuff to be done), and
monitoring is a ton better:  both hosts and devices separately are
detected as failed, and info is shared among all processes in realtime,
which benefits a ton of stuff.

All that said, things are still a bit unstable and I fix up bugs I
introduced while rearranging and/or rewriting everything.

Will give an update later when it's stable.

- Brad

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