Use lighttpd instead of mogstored

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Jun 8 06:00:30 UTC 2006

Very cool.

Would your lighttpd patch not be required if MogileFS created the
directories ahead of time, one directory at a time, perhaps doing the DAV
methods necessary to create them?  If so, I'd happily go that route so
people could use unmodified lighttpds and/or Apaches with mod_dav.

- Brad

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, Meno Abels wrote:

> hello,
> i just want to use what i know, and this is a standard httpd. The
> perlbal is for me a bit obscure so i made a small patch to the
> lighttpd which enables them to run as mogstored substition.
> Use need to enable the mod_webdav on the lighttpd and than add the
> following options and everything is working:
> webdav.activate             = "enable"
>          = "disable"
> webdav.mkdir-on-put          = "enable"
> Currently i lack the support of the usage stuff but is should be also
> easy done in the next step-:) Currently i generate
> the usage every 5 seconds by using a for ever running small script.
> cheers
> meno

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