mark/delete device.

dormando dormando at
Thu Jun 15 22:47:50 UTC 2006

Cool, thanks.

On a related/unrelated note. When a device fails under mogilefs, are you 
supposed to replace the the drive and bring the same device back up, or 
create a new device id for the replacement drive?


Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Yeah, totally unrelated.  Nothing regarding the protocol is changing, just
> internals.
> On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, dormando wrote:
>> Is it safe to patch mogadm with the rest of the updates going on to mogile?
>> Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>> Yes, mogadm needs work.  Patches welcome.
>>> That said, I don't think there should be a way to delete a device.  It's
>>> very important you never re-use device numbers, so all I want to allow is
>>> marking a disk dead.
>>> On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Jay Buffington wrote:
>>>> It's my understanding that mogadm is a work in progress.  There are
>>>> several functions that aren't implemented.
>>>> You're right, you'd need to add both MogileFS::Admin::delete_device
>>>> and cmd_device_delete.
>>>> Jay
>>>> On 6/15/06, komtanoo.pinpimai at
>>>> <komtanoo.pinpimai at> wrote:
>>>>> >From the cvs, in mogadm, I notice that cmd_device_mark and
>>>>> cmd_device_delete are doing nothing, which means if a parition dies, we
>>>>> can't remove it without typing in mysql directly. cmd_device_mark should
>>>>> works in the similar way of cmd_host_mark but calls change_device_state in
>>>>> MogileFS::Admin instead. But cmd_device_delete is not that easy, becuase
>>>>> there is no MogileFS::Admin::delete_device. So I wonder if I need to write
>>>>> it myself ? Why the two functions are blank ?

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