MogileFS efficiency part two

dormando dormando at
Wed Jun 28 17:50:46 UTC 2006


Another thing that's been brought up over here a few times...

The bulk of the time when we hit MogileFS for images we're loading 15+ 
smallish images on the same page (same as the LJ userpics). It would be 
more efficient to have some method of indirectly or directly exposing 
mogstored to the internet. When building the page output we can get the 
paths for all of the images in one memcached call, then build out the 
URLs with more direct (or encoded) information.

The goal is to avoid the:
perlbal -> webserver -> (memcached|tracker) -> perlbal

for every individual image load, and try to narrow it down to:

1) firewall -> perlbal -> mogstored

or better, but unlikely:

2) firewall -> mogstored

I'd be happy with #1

Every time I try to think about this I come up with tons of crap that 
could break it. Don't want the URLs to change at every page load, 
caching problems when paths change, have to patch mogstored to have a 
second GET only port, etc. Nothing I'd be happy with. There should still 
be *some* way that I'm missing to utilize the rendering page to make the 
image display more lightweight?


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